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Fall is officially here, and with it comes a delightful chill in the air. However, if you know anything about NC weather, next week it could be back up to 90 degree days for all we know. So, what do you do during this time when the seasons and the weather are changing? You don’t want to switch back and forth between A/C and heat, because they can hike up your utility bills, not to mention do a number on your HVAC system over time. So, what should you do?

We suggest that you keep your air conditioning on for now, and at least until the forecast predicts a number of cooler days in a row. 

For those cooler days, when your home feels chilly with the A/C on, use natural light to heat up your home. Open blinds and curtains around the home and let the sunlight in.

If you have a fireplace, you can use it to add warmth to your home and make your home feel cozy for the fall. Just make sure that you never leave your fireplace unattended when it’s in use. Keep an eye out for any pets or small children as well.

Use the cooler weather as a chance to bake up some fall goodies or cook some warm fall soup. The oven and stove in your home will work to heat your home for you on those cooler days.

Fall is here, and so is the cooler weather…at least for now. So, don’t turn on your heat quite yet, as tempting as it may be. Just use these simple tricks to warm up on those chillier days.

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