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Nobody likes it when the power goes out, but it’s even worse when the power goes out and/or your AC stops working in the middle of summer. Without any power, your home can get warm pretty quickly. So, here’s what you can do to keep cool until the power comes back on:

  • During the day, close the blinds and curtains to keep out sunlight.
  • At night, open the windows to let in a breeze.
  • If you have a battery operated fan, you can make your own homemade AC unit, using a cooler full of ice.
  • Sleep on the lowest level of your home. If you can, make a pallet on your floor and sleep there for the night.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Hang a damp sheet or towel over an open window at night to cool down a room.
  • Sleep in loose fitting, light cotton clothing.
  • If the heat gets unbearable, check into a hotel or stay with a friend until the power gets turned back on.

Summers in the South would be a whole lot less comfortable without air conditioning. To make sure that you stay cool as a cucumber this summer, give us a call at North Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning in Greenville, NC.